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Welcome to ResearcherSkills Blog, the blog and newsroom of, the online platform that brings together scientists and companies to offer research related services and specialised equipment to the whole research community.  

Collaborations are essential in research, however many scientists struggle to find the right collaborator or equipment for their research needs outside their immediate network. We have created to provide scientists with a unique space where they can create their own technical and equipment profiles. We want to facilitate the access to technical expertise, optimise resources and promote cross-disciplinary collaborations worldwide.
In this blog, we will share tips on how to increase your facility turnover and your visibility as a researcher. We will also keep you updated about new features at and what the team is up to. 
This blog is also your space, feel free to comment, ask questions and share any updates or news you think are worth knowing! Don’t forget to make use of our social media buttons to share content. 
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