The Ultimate Sciency Christmas Gift List

ResearcherSkills team


Scientists can be a bit difficult to shop for, that's why we have put together this Christmas gift list for scientists. From the chemist to the intellectually restless kid, there is something for everyone!

For the Biologist

DNA earrings? Why not! You can buy them here.





Looking for an easy pet? You can get this moss aquarium here





For the Chemist

Any modeller around? Get them this kit here


Explore the chemistry of cooking in style with this spice rack! Get it here

For the Psychologist

You can surprise the psychologist in your life with these finger puppets. Buy them here

Freud and coffee lovers? Get them this mug here

For kids!

Teach your kids anatomy with this awesome human anatomy felt set. Buy it here


Do you know any child interested in programming? This is their game! You can buy it here

Happy research!

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