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Your profile at is the way you present your expertise to the world! Increasing your profile views can lead to exciting opportunities and new contacts. Here we give you some useful hints to make the most of your profile at
1. Make it clear 
Make clear what it is that you can do or can provide, what your technical expertise is or what piece of equipment you are offering. Accurate and detail-full profiles will attract more visits than vague ones. 
2. Fill the blanks! 
A complete profile always appears more appealing than a big empty space. Think about your expertise or facility and communicate it to the world. The more details you provide the better people will find you and identify if you are a good match for their research. Profile pictures and technical details of the equipment are very important. 
3. Watch your grammar! 
Proofread your profile Proofread your profile Proofread your profile Proofread your profile Proofread your profile 
4. Back up your expertise 
You can include links to your latest papers related to your expertise to show the other users you are an experienced researcher  
5. Do not over promise 
Do not say you can deliver more or sooner that you really can. We know that mistakes and unexpected situations happen but stay honest and be clear about what your collaborator can expect from you! 
6. Use your keywords 
Keywords are vital to get your profile found. Think about which keywords better portray your expertise or facility and use all the available tags. Also, incorporating relevant keywords into multiple sections of your profile (headlines, expertise description…) will make your profile easier to find. 
7. Build recommendations 
Building personal recommendations will result in increased profile views. When you establish a relationship with other members of the network and you are satisfied with the collaboration or service, please do not forget to recommend him/her to all ResearcherSkills users. 
8. Maintain it 
Adding new details, recently published papers or an updated picture of your piece of equipment will maintain the interest on your profile. 
9. Share it 
Use the social media buttons to share your profile in Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or your personal/lab webpage to find new connections. 
10. Get engaged 
ResearcherSkills is made by their users. Interacting with others, answering queries and questions promptly will help you get recommendations which will position your profile at the top of the list.

Happy research!


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