On this page you will find a number of Frequently Asked Questions relating to ResearcherSkills usage. The questions have been arranged in categories as displayed below for your convenience. If your question is not listed here, please, contact us and we will answer you shortly. Please note that additional information will be added to this FAQ.


Q. What is ResearcherSkills?

A. ResearcherSkills is an online platform where researchers can look for and offer their scientific services and equipment. ResearcherSkills is an efficient way to search and collaborate with other scientists and companies. You can read more about ResearcherSkills in our About page.

Q. What type of services are listed on ResearcherSkills?

A. ResearcherSkills’ network includes individual researchers offering their expertise, technical services or/and access to equipment as well as companies offering their services/equipment. ResearcherSkills is open to all scientific disciplines.

Q. Can I use ResearcherSkills to promote my research?

A. ResearcherSkills was made to tackle the lack of tools that scientists have to find collaborators and access to equipment outside their immediate network. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to maintain a "skill-based" profile, efficiently allowing users to search and find exactly what they need.  

Q. It is the webpage open to any discipline?

A. Yes, ResearcherSkills aims to bring together scientist from any discipline and to promote multidisciplinary projects.

Q. What papers should I cite in my profile and how?

A. You should cite those papers that best refer to the skill or equipment you offer. To do so you can directly input a link to an article; we recommend you use stable links such as DOI. You can directly paste the DOI number corresponding to your publication and a link will be automatically created.

Q. Is ResearcherSkills global?

A. Yes, we are a global network of researchers, you can create a profile, offer your services and look for collaborators from anywhere.

Q. How can I delete my profile/account?

A. You can modify or delete your profile anytime you want in My account preferences. You can also delete your account permanently here.

Q. Report a fake profile?

A. We take your safety and experience very seriously. Please, report a profile you think is fake, spam or offensive messages by emailing us at contact@researcherskills.com.

Q. Can I provide feedback?

A. We would love to hear from you, please share any requests, thoughts and comments for improvement with us contact@researcherskills.com

Q. Is ResearcherSkills free to use for everybody?

A. Yes, it is free to use for individual researchers and anyone looking for new collaborators. A fee is only charged to companies wishing to advertise themselves or their services. If your company wishes to advertise with us please, contact us at contact@researcherskills.com

Q. Can I make a donation to the webpage? 

A. Sure! Thank you!

Q. Where does the donation money go to?

A. We will use the money to maintain and upgrade ResearcherSkills webpage so we can bring you the best user experience and new features.

Q. Does ResearcherSkills play any role in the process of setting up a new collaboration?

A. ResearcherSkills is a platform to help researchers find each other and communicate. We do not mediate in this communication nor service payments between users. We do not hold any legal responsibility on profile’s content or any information exchanged between users. For more information see our terms and conditions.

Q. What information is shared with third parties?

A. We will not share identifying information with third parties. Check out our privacy and cookies terms.


Q. I don’t find what I am looking for.

A. If you cannot find the specific service that you need email us at contact@researcherskills.com and we will do our best to help you find what you need.

Q. How do I send my samples to a collaborator/company?

A. Ask at your purchasing and delivery office at your workplace or your collaborator.

Q. I am an unemployed scientist; can I still offer my services?

A. Yes, you can offer your services as an independent scientist. 

Q. I am hired by a university, can I offer a paid service as external work?

A. Most of the universities allow their employees to perform a number of hours as ‘external work’ or ´consultancy hours´. We recommend you to check your university policy regarding external work.

Q. What are the initial steps to start offering my service while working at a university/institution?

A. We suggest to speak with your Dean or Head of Department and explain the situation. Normally, establishing a service (technical expertise and equipment) in a University increases the University research impact (higher number of collaborations) and optimises the University resources and visibility so they should be encouraging!

Q. How do I pay for a service?

A. You should ask the researcher or company that provides the service. They should have a payment system already in place. You might also have to contact the finance office at your workplace to make a payment.

Q. How much cut does my workplace get?

A. This depends on the university/institution policies. We suggest you to check your workplace policy about this.

Q. I am only looking for collaborations. How can I state that?

A. Tick the ‘Open for collaboration’ box when setting up your profile. A new icon will appear in your profile so people know you are open to collaborations and you are not exclusively providing paid services.


Q. Who should create an equipment profile?

A. Any individual researcher, technician or facility manager wishing to increase their equipment usage and turnover can set up this type of profile.

Q. Can I list more than one facility/equipment?

A. Yes, you can list as many pieces of equipment as you want. Just make clear the technical specifications. It is also important to state if you are a facility manager and if you can provide any technical assistance to use the equipment.

Q. How do I link a calendar showing my equipment/facility availability to my profile?

A. You can use several platforms to create a public calendar such as Google Calendar. Once your public calendar is set up, paste the URL link in the availability space when filling in your equipment profile.


Q. I’d like to advertise my company

A. We accept advertising banners, email us at contact@researcherskills.com and we will sort it out for you.

Q. I would like to create a company service profile

A. Sign up and click on company profile. Once you have filled in the profile and saved it, we will process your payment through email and your profile will be visible within a few hours/days.

Q. How much does it cost to create a company profile?

Email us at contact@researcherskills.com with your request and we will provide you with all the information you need.

 Q. Can I create a profile to offer my company equipment? 

A. Yes, you can offer in your profile any type of research related service, equipment included.




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