ResearcherSkills was founded in 2015 with the aim of bringing together academic researchers and companies to provide technical help, specialised equipment and expert knowledge to the whole research community. ResearcherSkills is a free online platform that helps scientists from any discipline to connect, collaborate and outsource research-related services with greater efficiency than ever before. 

Our Mission: Bridging the gap together

We believe that progress should never be held back by the researcher’s lack of access to technical expertise or equipment. Our mission is to modernise research by:

•    Helping researchers to efficiently find who and what they need to carry out their projects.
•    Helping individual researchers and companies to publicise their expertise or services to a global research community.
•    Increasing the links between academia and companies in research.
•    Allowing more cross-disciplinary projects to develop.

Where it began and our team

As with many of our fellow researchers, we have found that is often a struggle to identify collaborators that have a particular expertise needed for a research project beyond our immediate personal network. Indeed, researchers sometimes do not know what equipment, facilities and technical services are available even within their own institution. This has lead us to create an online platform gathering individual skill-based profiles so that researchers in all fields can identify WHO offers precisely WHAT they are looking for.   

                                      Rocio Gaudioso-Pedraza                                                                                                                                Mercedes Hernandez

                Co-founder and Business Engagement Manager

                      Co-founder and Academic Network Manager

I am responsible for developing and managing our business network, helping your business to increase its visibility and making the most of ResearcherSkills services. I am passionate about delivering the best customer service and about empowering companies with an efficient platform to offer their services to the whole research community



Enterprise Scholar 2015

Winner Business Plan Competition 2016

Business Accelerator Grant 2016

I work with our academic members providing guidance throughout the research service set up process and advice on outsourcing options for their research projects. I am passionate about bringing researchers together and accelerating the pace of scientific discovery.

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